What Diet Suits Your Blood Type?

Many medical practitioners today believe that a diet that person should take is determined by his/her blood type. This means that managing health and weight will then be an issue of coinciding the diet with the blood type. The diet taken for such effect is called Blood Type Diet.

Let us take a look at the diet and its relation to different blood types

Type O:

People with Type O blood generally live on physical exercise and animal protein. Their muscle tissues are generally on the acid side. They can easily make use of meaty foods because of high-acid content in their stomach, which enables easy digestion and metabolism.

Therefore the best diet that can be suggested to Type Os is a combination of chemical-free meat, poultry and fish. They should avoid consumption of grains, breads, beans and legumes. They can easily gain weight by gluten founding wheat products. Avoiding foods such as Brussels, cabbage, cauliflower, and sprouts would be an added advantage if seafood and iodized salt are regularly taken. Dairy products and eggs are a strict no for Type Os, while fruits with alkaline nature (plums and berries) are highly recommended.

Type A:

Type As flourish on diets that are more vegetarian. Type A can be considered the opposite of Type Os in quite a few ways. People with Type A blood can be more susceptible to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Fresh and organic kinds of foods are advised to Type As who are naturally thinner. Low stomach-acid makes digestion of meaty foods hard, making Type As sluggish. So vegetables are very important part of Type A diet. They provide minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. In fruits, alkaline contents help Types As immensely.

Type B:

People with Type B blood are highly active. Type B blood resists many mortal diseases such as heart disease and cancer. But the main undoing of Type Bs is their immune system itself. They are prone to chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is the main reason a complete and balanced diet of vegetables, cereals, fruits and meat is recommended for these people. However chicken, corn, buckwheat and lentils are better avoided along with wheat products. Type Bs can enjoy a variety of dairy products making them more pleasure loving people.

Type AB:

Type AB blood contains multiple antigens. It makes people with Type AB blood more like Type As who have weak stomach acid or also like Type Bs who can easily digest meat. Type ABs are generally considered weak as excess in any kind of food makes their weak immune system go bizarre.

Hence the best diet suggested for Type ABs is meat without chicken, dairy products (but not in excess), nut and seed (in cautionary amounts), and wheat products (when in control). That means Type AB can take a balanced diet, but the best way that they can plan a diet is to know what their blood type mostly resembles between Type A and Type B.

All said and done, the science behind the blood type diet is not yet very convincing. We suggest you to consult your physician before going on for planning a diet. But do consider your blood type in your diet plans.