What are the Best Drinks for Dieters?

When people are on diet, mostly they care for what they eat and neglect what they drink. But, both drinking and eating are equally important for weight loss. Even if you eat right foods but drink wrong drinks they it cannot help you in meeting your weight loss goals.

So, let us have a look at best drinks for dieters.


Water is the simple and best drink for weight loss, and it is the most important weight loss catalyst in any diet plan. Eight glasses of water is best recommended for weight loss. Water works as a natural appetite suppressant and keeps your stomach full. It helps in avoiding dehydration, which leads to hunger pangs.

Actually many people mistake thirst signals as hunger signals. So, drink a glass of water before eating. When you don’t drink enough water liver, which provides stored fat for body needs, performs additional duty of helping your kidneys flush out waste. In turn, fat metabolism weakens and thereby your weight increases.

Do you know the logic behind eight glasses of water a day? When you drinking eight glasses of water your body burns about 62 calories i.e 430 calories per week. This energy will be expended on raising water’s temperature to body temperature.

Alcohol and Soda

When you are on diet, avoid taking alcohol or sugar-rich sodas. These are rich in calories and make you feel hungry. Especially, avoid taking beer because a pint of beer contains approx 300 calories.

However, all alcoholic drinks don’t contain the same ingredients. They also have varied effects on diet. You can take pure spirits because they contain approx 100 calories. But take them no mixture added. You can also take a glass of red or white wine while taking meals because they both are low in carbohydrates and calories.

Coffee and Tea

Though coffee or tea is fat-free, what it contains hurts your body. You can take coffee with low and fat free milk, and avoid sugar cream that make coffee calorie-rich. Plain tea does not contain any calories. When drinking of iced tea, make sure that it contains no sugar. You can choose caffeine-free drinks like black or green tea.

Green tea is considered the best weight loss drink due to the high concentration of antioxidants. Just one cup a day can speed up the weight loss.

Fruit Juices

When you choose a fruit juice while dieting look at the nutritional ingredients in it. Make sure that its is made from real fruit and not from calorie-rich sugar-filled concentrates.


Tough milk is rich in calories, if used correctly it helps in weight loss. Choose low or fat free varieties with far less calories. Milk helps in weight loss by making you feel full. It also helps you by – aiding in bone strength, lowering blood pressure and providing nutrients your body needs.

Keep the above drinking advice in mind. Lose weight and look slim.