Weight Loss Diet after Baby or Pregnancy

New bundle of joy gives immense pleasure to the newly mom and dad. Motherhood is a wonderful experience, after staying in power with patience for nine long months. Post partum weight gain in a natural phenomenon, it is important to regain shape in a proper way. It wont be intelligent to ape celebrities and implement their ways of fitness. One should not rush crash dieting and improper ways of exercising, as it will land one more into trouble. It takes 6-8 months after pregnancy to return to normal life. Fatigue and post-partum depression are common and taking care of new responsibilities can be stressful. Nursing mothers should never cut down then calories, as the child is dependent on her.

 Here are some ways by which one can manage weight loss program-

  • Gentle and Simple exercises are suggested; vigorous exercise can be hazardous for health. A doctor along with the proper designed diet should guide exercise regime.
  • A simple weight loss program can be taken after 3-4 weeks of delivery. Aim is to maintaining eating nutritious food. Never switch to strict diet, a woman requires 1800-2200 calories to maintain energy levels.
  • Getting in back to shape varies with individuals and the amount of weight gained during pregnancy. One may make use of weight loss figures and food pyramid for basic guidance.
  • Some of the myths related with pregnancy are breastfeeding may make one out of shape. In fact the truth is that feeding not only helps in weight loss program but also ensures proper nourishment for the baby, which is not possible with tinned powdered food.
  • Starting a diet plan immediately after birth can affect lactation and will leave one more exhausted. Be patient as for some it might not be possible get back into exact shape before pregnancy. Softer belly, wide waists and wide hips are some of the changes and one needs to tackle them in positive spirited way rather being depressed.
  • Calories can be cut gradually by starting choosing food with low fat and high fibrous foods. Consume fruits and raw vegetables in form of healthy snacks, power drinks, salads and soups. Reduction in meat and fish helps a lot in loosing weight.
  • Avoid too much spicy and greasy stuff after pregnancy as it may lead to gastronomical disorders. Granola bars and crackers are best option for food cravings.
  • The new job is more demanding and taking care of kid is quite exhaustive. Do not hesitate to take help of friends and relatives if you are unable to cope with the sudden changes.
  • Consuming milk and whole grain products, bread, cereals are good in weight management. Hydrate your body with generous amount of fluids in diluted form. Proteins in nuts and beans can be taken instead of fish. Low fat dairy and calcium rich foods like milk, soymilk, yogurt etc are recommended. Vegetable fat in healthier way as olive oil is good.
  • Never rush into eating. Take your time and enjoy the food, as improper chewing and swallowing may cause indigestion and constipation.
  • Never ever make use of prescription drugs on your own as it may affect you as well as your baby. Always consult a doctor and discuss its effects.
  • Some may take the low carb diet plans that are specially designed for diet and weight loss as The Atkins Diet, The Zone Diet, The Sugar Busters Diet, The South Beach Diet, The Scarsdale Diet, The Carbohydrate Addict’ss Plan, The Protein Power diet and The Dr. Phil Diet. All these diet plans are generally based on cutting the carbs and introducing a well balanced diet. These help individuals in coping psychologically as well as physically along with the overall environment.