Thanksgiving Diet Tips

Thanksgiving calls for celebration with a tasty meal, which includes a turkey. The meal will be full of calories and diet watchers will have to ensure that they do not add extra calories. Restraint is required while eating and one must eat sensibly, not greedily.

The Thanksgiving meal is usually high in carbohydrates. One has potatoes, gravy, desserts consisting of pumpkin and apple pie.  It is taken as a gesture of appreciation for the good harvest and one tends to indulge oneself on this occasion.  But how to make sure your waistline does not increase by a few inches?

Tips for Holiday Eating on Thanksgiving

  • Do not go hungry for a Thanksgiving dinner.  Have a proper breakfast and lunch. If one is hungry one tends to eat more than required
  • Thanksgiving is not all- eat- out- buffet.  One should eat more vegetables, less fats and not eat whatever one felt like. One should limit one’ss intake
  • Eat the skinless part of the Turkey to avoid fat and cholesterol.  One has to always have other dishes and desserts
  • Go for smaller portions -that way you can taste all foods
  • Drink plenty of water. Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate you. Water is calorie free
  • Make a conscious effort to take fewer items that consist of fats. Fried foods and creamy dishes contain a lot of fat
  • Think of games and other activities than just eating food on Thanksgiving Day
  • Bring a dish that is good for health

Tips For Cooking A Fat-Free Thanksgiving Meal

  • Turkey can be cooked without butter.  A little olive oil and spices like thyme and sage could add to the taste
  • Baked sweet potatoes are full of vitamins and fiber without the fat  They are good substitutes for mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes casserole
  • Vegetables cooked in butter are not good. Steamed vegetables or a salad should be preferred
  • One can make fat free, sugar free jello
  • Whole wheat bread is better when serving rolls
  • Fruit, sugar- free pudding, low fat pumpkin cheese cake etc are good choices for dessert
  • Peel the apples and cut them and sprinkle lemon on them
  • Strip of the strings and slice into tiny bits

Thanksgiving day is normally a day when a person would like to feast.  But if one is watching one’ss calories, then one should be careful about what one eats and drinks.  Anything in excess or too much of fat and carbohydrates are not good. Fruits, salads, vegetables should be taken in plenty rather than creamy and spicy stuff.