Teen Diet Tips

Maintaining one’ss calorie level is essential as one would put on unnecessary weight, which is not good for health. Teenage girls are  very figure conscious and boys would like to build up their muscles. They need to take the right kind of food for their healthy growth, both mentally and physically.

Diet prescribed for teenagers should be such that their energy levels are maintained and at the same time they get adequate nutrition. What diet regimen should they follow?

Tips for Teen Diet

  • The diet should consist of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water
  • One should have six meals a day to be healthy and energetic
  • Low calorie, high fiber, and protein rich food should be taken
  • Smoothies and protein shakes are good
  • Nuts and almonds can be taken. They contain a lot of protein and work as anti-oxidants in the body
  • It is good to have green leafy vegetables
  • It is good to include berries in the diet. They contain a lot of protein and work as antioxidants
  • Oatmeal is good for breakfast. It provides adequate energy to start the day
  • Prefer whole wheat bread to white bread, which contains more calories
  • Buy low fat and sugar-less yoghurt
  • Eat foods high in fiber
  • Choose a thin crust pizza
  • One can prepare food by oneself.  This way one can cook what is good for oneself
  • One should avoid sweetened beverages like Coca Cola as they contain a lot of sugar
  • Food should be rich in calcium, zinc and iron
  • Teens require more magnesium, phosphorous and calcium as compared to adults
  • Instead of shake or ice cream, it is better to have real fruit, skim or low fat milk

Teenagers are full of energy and vitality. Their diet should suit their temperament. It should retain their freshness and glow and keep them healthy despite the pressures of life that they experience at that age.  It should be nutritious and not make them put on weight. Parents should be fully aware of their diet needs.