Raw Food Diet

A raw organic food has high nutritional value and has low and negligible addictives. Raw food diet has swept people all across the globe and people are implementing it in their daily food practices.

Raw food diet

principally means to consume 100% uncooked food, however for some it may appear impractical and hence with a flexibility, of 75-90% of raw food is consumed. Foodists consider the conventional food to be more complex with enzymes, detrimental and toxic. Cooking weakens the quality of food and hence unprocessed, uncooked plant foods in form of fruits, vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, seaweed, dried food should extensively be taken.


  • Raw food has more energy than cooked food. It also has a perfect balance of water, nutrients and other fibers that are essential for body.
  • The quality of food also remains unaffected and it has more flavor. The avoidance of spices and other components lessens the chances of irritation to the digestive system.
  • Time consumption in preparation of raw food is less. Simple dishes can be made in nick of time of high nutritional value. No cooking means freedom from scrubbing the oily messy pans and vessels.
  • Cholesterol management and many chronic disorders can be put to check with planned raw food diet. Heart diseases and cancer can be reduced with good food management.
  • With proper hygiene simple ailments of heartburn, gas, constipation, indigestion can be controlled.  It also improves appearance.


  • It is imperative to check from where the food is coming. Organic food should be grown in an environmentally controlled place. Increase in pesticides and other harmful chemicals may put a question mark into its quality.
  • Treating the fruits and vegetables extensively with chemicals can cause many health related problems. Consuming them is raw and natural state can lead to influenza to chronic ailments like cancer.
  • Cost of these organically grown plants are a little high than regularly grown plants, but they are indeed a true value for money. Their quality also ensures the safety of health of people.
  • Detoxification can lead to reaction in some in form of mild headaches, queasiness and cravings.


  • This kind of diet is not recommended among children, pregnant women, nursing women, anemic persons etc.
  • According to the Washington University, chances of osteoporosis increases. People following raw food diet have lower bone mass.
  • Nutritional deficiencies of calcium, iron, B-12, vitamin D, protein, calories can occur with raw food diet. Copper and zinc are also low in vegetarian food than in meat, though needed in small quantities form an important constituent of our body.

Fruits, nuts and vegetables when consumed fresh and raw have capacity to pass on their life, power, vigor and strength unswervingly into you. Commitment and patience to follow any food regime is necessary and raw food diet is no exception to this. It is true that raw food diet improves health as weight normalizes and a person is tremendously energized. Before putting in practice any food diet all the pros and cons must be taken into consideration.