Medical Diagnosis

Though evident in its own way, research linking diet and chronic diseases has been finding more evidences that confirm the relation.

Link between Diet and Obesity

One of the most self-evident links is the relation between diet and obesity. Too much of unhealthy diet causes obesity, which in turn leads to potentially mortal health problems. Hence simple weight loss programs that involve few exercises and a balanced diet can cure many health problems.

Link between Fat and cholesterol

The next link between food and disease can be shown in Fat and cholesterol. There is so much discussed about fat and cholesterol that there is hardly anything new information that one can give on it. More consumption of fatty foods results in cholesterol. Cholesterol is a huge reason behind a heart attack. Of course, the other reasons are hypertension and smoking. Many studies have shown that controlling fat intake and quitting smoking has hugely helped people who were susceptible to a coronary heart attack.

To help oneself about a cholesterol-lessening diet, one must increase the knowledge of heart and body functions. A patient or for that matter any person who cares about his body must observe his or her diet to get a fair idea of how fat enters the body. This means that they need to watch for the contents of their food.

Know the Art of Eating

Diet with more fiber is advised to heart patients, and patients need to understand the importance of soluble and insoluble fiber. Observation on food that is taken also means the ability to understand few simple cooking techniques. This is no big job as many people know at least how their favorite food is cooked. Also one has to understand that eating is a social habit. Food choices with low fats and freshly made ones are advisable.

As said earlier, smoking has no good net effects on the body. It not only injects around 2000 toxics into the body, but also makes the brain crave for more. Heart patients must stop smoking at any cost, without procrastinating or sticking to theories like decreasing the number of cigars or cigarettes smoke per day.

Diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and tumors are in one way or the other related to and are caused by unhealthy diets (This need not be true in all cases). This means that one has to be continuously and consciously aware of what they are eating. But, a stronger assessment of the role of diet in prevention of these extreme conditions needs to be done. Other conditions and factors that include environment, behavior and genetics also need to be considered in finding the solutions for these serious health problems.