Low Carb Diet for Weight Loss

A low carb diet is based on consumption of low carbohydrate and the main source is in form of proteins and fats. The body is pushed to make use of fats as main energy. There are various types of diet plans that are actually based on low carb diet plan. These are namely Atkin’ss diet, High Protein diet, Stillman diet, Scarsdale diet, Hollywood diet, Ketogenic diet, Zone diet etc.

How a low carb diet works-

People who plan for this kind of diet loose weight speedily. Lot of weight is lost in form of water and muscle instead of fat. Loosing weight permanently can take toll on one’ss body. The reduction in muscle tissue makes it more difficult to balance the body weight, once the diet plan has been stopped. It means change in lifestyle as the relationship between food and body. All the carbs are substituted with quality protein foods and fats.
The main reason of people getting attracted to it is due to its rapid effects.

How the body is benefited-

Not all people consume carbs in large quantities, all the carbs is simplified by digestive process. In the absence of sugar the body is forced to make use of fats for energy, draining the ketones from the body in from of urine. The insulin levels are stabilized and the sugar level reaches to the normal.

How safe is a low carb diet-

The word safety is still a question mark. It is well known fact a balanced diet is important for a smooth functioning of a body. Restricting diet without carbs can rip your body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These can be obtained with a good intake of fruits, vegetables and grains. The yo-yo dieting and sequences of loosing and gaining weight may be hazardous for the health.  In the long run they increase the risk of bone, liver and kidney problems.

Various researches have been done to check the success of this kind of diet. These have shown that the weight loss is for short term because of dehydration and caloric restriction. The intake of high fat content may raise cardiovascular diseases. Diabetic patients can be affected with the high protein diet too.

However among obese people the triglyceride levels is boosted which is good. Low carbs can raise the HDL level. People with coronary artery disease, gout and kidney problems should not follow this kind of diet.

Some tips-

  • Before beginning any diet plan it is important to check with your physician and explain him about your medical background.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers should never diet. Before popping up pills and drugs check with doctor about its side effects.
  • Take small meals at frequent intervals to keep up the metabolism and energy level and avoids one on gorging on snacks.
  • Hydrate the body with plenty of water and flush the toxins out form the body.
  • And finally, exercise any diet program is incomplete without a proper exercising regime.