How to Plan Your Diet to Build Muscles?

Nowadays, many times a nutritional advice is given by anybody to everybody. To have tried various diets without any effective results is one of the latest fads today. However, for body builders it is comparatively easy to find suitable diets as long as certain basic guidelines are kept in mind. Whether they are trying to gain muscles and/or lose fat, bodybuilders will find these guidelines very helpful.

The daily caloric needs of each person vary according to his/her goals, mental and physical condition, and performance levels. Generally, when either gaining weight or losing it, it takes ten to fifteen calories per pound of body weight. So someone who is 100 pounds will need to eat 1000-1500 calories a day, depending on his/her lean body mass and activity levels. Therefore, one needs to increase or decrease the calorie intake depending on whether he wants to lose weight or gain some.

Meal Spacing

Divide calorie intake over five or six evenly spaced meals. Eating with large gaps i.e. taking meals only two or three times per day may result in blood sugar fluctuations that increase the chances of body fat deposition.

By spreading calorie intake through out the day, the muscles aren’t deprived of nutrients for longish time. This grazing levels off blood sugar spikes, while maintaining energy levels constantly. If a person weighs 100-pounds, he can eat 150-250 calories six times a day.


Protein is one of the three most important micronutrients in a diet (the other two are carbohydrates and fat). It contains nitrogen, which plays an important role in muscle synthesis. One can find protein in animal products like milk, egg, meat and fish. It is best if an average person takes 180 grams of protein in a day. Supplements may be added if necessary.

Lesser amounts of protein hinder the progress of body building significantly, which results in frustration and lack of results. On the other hand, too much of protein calories can be stored as fat.


Once the protein needs are determined, it is easy to find how many carbohydrates and fats you need to eat. Majority of a body’s complex actions need the energy that comes from carbohydrates. Also when carbohydrates are sufficiently taken, the protein content taken is utilized only for muscle building purposes.

But many people take carbohydrates from sugars, which are quickly decomposed and utilized. But sugars also cause sudden slump in the carbs that are supplied to the body. Therefore it is advised that complex carbohydrates are taken as they release energy slowly and when needed.


Choosing foods that include carbohydrates and proteins is important. But if these foods include fats, it is all the more great. Fat is an important need. However fats need to be taken in a rather controlled way. One good thing about fats and carbs is that you can always experiment with them. But to experiment, you need to hit the gym regularly. After all, bodybuilding diet is not just about diet but also about how well you exercise.