Holiday Diet Tips

Holidays are meant for wining and dining and eating to one’ss heart content. They are meant for socializing.  Partying is inevitable.  One will definitely be tempted to have more than required.  But self- control is required.  One should not give into temptation but eat as per what one normally adheres to.

Enjoy every moment of the holiday.  But what about the calories that one adds to one’ss weight. One needs to keep a check on it. How? Plan your holiday so that your parties are not in excess and you do not end up eating more than required.  A holiday diet will help you in exercising restraint in your food habits during the holiday. But what is a holiday diet you may ask?

Socializing and partying are inevitable.  One will definitely be tempted to have more food than required.  But self-control is essential.  One should not give into temptation but eat as per what one normally adhered to diet.

Tips for a Holiday Diet

  • Plan you days, when and where you will eat
  • Do not skip meals
  • Have a light lunch incase you are having a Mediterranean buffet for dinner in order to avoid overeating
  • Eat sensibly. Keep up to same diet regimen that you would follow in your home. Avoid fried food. Eat more of fruits and vegetables and salads
  • Take low fat foods and skimmed milk. Order for it in the hotel
  • Skip the bread that comes up before a meal.  If you cannot avoid then do not take it with butter or oil
  • Nibble on olives rather than peanuts
  • Avoid creamy sauces and pastries
  • Pan fried, deep fried, sauteed, or roasted should be avoided
  • Take plenty of fish and seafood.  Of course they should not be fried. They are less in calories
  • Remove the excess oil in foods with the help of serviette
  • Too much of dressing on salads is not good
  • Avoid eating all items. Restrict your menu
  • Do not overindulge yourself
  • Fill your plate once. Do not go in for a second
  • Have a balanced meal
  • Choose desserts carefully. Avoid creamy ones
  • Snug fitting clothes will help you to control your diet.  You will be tucking in your tummy and consciously eat less
  • Chew gum when you do want to eat
  • Be choosy about what you eat.  Eat food which is special and is not normally available
  • Take part in games. It would divert your mind from food
  • Skip appetizers

Holidays are no doubt to be enjoyed. At the same time one should avoid anything in excess, even food.  One should eat appropriately, keeping one’ss calories in mind.