Health Issues

An ordinary consumer is already confused enough to make certain decisions about diet. And, the future is going to be no better. Worry about differentiating safe foods from unsafe foods is mounting, thanks to many products and some careless marketing propaganda. Nutritional labeling has already become necessary and the search for foods that are tasty and also dietary has also augmented. Also, one needs to observe the change in the behavioral patterns of a food product consumer.

There is a fad of the diet plans require skipping a full meal just to add few scoops or spoons of desirable but unhealthy food. This means that the nutrition and diet that they are prescribed to take in their diet plans is not tasty but also the plan itself is faulty. Nutritionists and dietitians need to gather their basics and help their patients make the best of their dietary plans.

Each person has different kind of body setup and needs customized diet. This not only makes them aware of healthy diets, but also cures them off their health issues. Let’s look at some nutrition and diet related health issues that many people are concerned about.

Fat and Cholesterol

Many research reports show one shocking fact – only a small number of people in various developed countries are well aware of what kind of diet suits them. And, of people who are conscious about health one kind of product that has given huge profits to their manufacturers is a ‘low cholesterol’ product.

Many people try to fight against cholesterol accumulation in their bodies. But what they also need to understand is that regular amount of exercise is more profitable in fighting cholesterol (and against many problems) than any of the products that offer ‘low-cholesterol’.


Many people believe that the solution to balance tastes with waists is to consume low-calorie foods. But the fact that these sweeteners are taken in more number of servings per day results in overuse of sweeteners.

Dietary Fiber

Bowel cancer, growth in glucose levels and blood cholesterol, constipation, digestion, excretion and weight control are influenced by dietary fiber. The varieties of foods that are consumed today do not guarantee growth in fiber. One of the key functions of dietary fiber in body is to make excretion easy. Without such fiber issues like constipation and indigestion arise, making bodily wastage remain inside the body.


Consumption of sodium and salt remains a health issue for quite some time now. And it is more so to those who are susceptible to sodium-induced hypertension. The low-sodium market has been growing rapidly. The demand for food products with salt but reduced sodium content has also aroused immensely. People are also asking for salt with Iodine.


Though the issues stated above are only a few, they constitute the major health issues in peoples’ minds all over the world. Its funny that human, though different in mind sets, is so similar when it comes to the basic need called food.