Family Meal Planning

Family meal planning becomes essential when you want to make sure that you are prepared much in advance as to what you must serve your family at meal. One should not be in an embarrassing situation where one does not have anything ready to eat during meal times and the entire family is hungry.  After all, it may be difficult to order on the spur of the moment.  Family Meal Planning helps you overcome such embarrassing situations.

The menu should be prepared much before meal time.  One should know what to cook.  Each menu should be unique or perhaps the same menu can be repeated if it was success last time. What and when to eat is what Family Meal Planning is all about.

Meal Planning saves time.  One is clear about what one wants.  One will also not over spend.  The meal will be prepared on time for the family to enjoy it.  It will not disappoint them. A systematic approach to meal planning will ensure a good and tasty meal.

Tips for Family Meal Planning

  • Checkup your pantry and cupboards to see what is available and in case some items are still lying around, try to prepare a meal using them
  • Sit down and plan a week’ss menu in advance.  Chalk out convenient menus for days when you are in a hurry and cannot cook an elaborate meal.  Also on some days cook more than usual and the next day one can make best use of the leftovers.  All this has to be planned well
  • Prepare a shopping list.  Be fully aware of what you want.  Do not miss out on anything. Check out your pantry and cupboards properly
  • Plan out your trips to the supermarket. You can perhaps visit a second time to buy fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Balance your meals both nutritionally and cost wise. If on one occasion you cook an expensive meal, then the next meal can be of a cheaper variety
  • Purchase according to requirements. If you buy more of a particular vegetable then make sure you use it. You should not end up with rotten vegetables in the refrigerator
  • Freeze some items and keep them for days when you do not feel like cooking
  • One can involve the family members in preparing the menu. It is good to know what they want as you can accordingly make your purchases. It is always good to prepare what is preferred, although sometimes surprises also help in making the meal enjoyable
  • List the items that your family members like the most and you tend to miss at times due to time constraints.  This would help you to ensure that you prepare them when you are in a position to do so
  • One should also decide whether to cook fresh vegetables which may require more time or frozen foods
  • Have a well-stocked pantry. One can have items available when preparing a meal
  • Plan for extra busy days when you may have to prepare a quick meal
  • During the week have simpler meals and during the weekends one can go in for an elaborate one
  • Make twice as much as your cooking and then freeze it

Meal Planning for the family is essential to save time and cost and also to prepare a tasty meal. Last minute rush should be avoided. Every meal should be well planned, both nutritionally and taste wise.