Diet for Lupus

With lupus, your digestive system is much more sensitive. Treat it in such a way that you’sll feel better after every meal. Fish oil is best for Lupus diet. This is because it contains essential Omega3 oils, which are very important for your health and heart. To know more on the diet for Lupus, read the underlying article.

A Lupus diet should contain those food items that are easy to digest. If you are suffering from Lupus then you need a lot of energy to repair or rebuild the damages made by the disease. Thus a healthy and a lighter meal will enable your body to utilize its energy in the repair work. For example a light soup or porridge has a lot of essential nutrients, at the same time it also takes very little time to get digested.

Which Foods to Avoid in a Diet for Lupus?

Given below are the names of certain food items that you should completely eliminate from your diet. These are:

Oily and highly processed food items.

To much of carbohydrates from grains, sugar, fruits etc.

Nightshade vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, brinjals & peppers may worsen lupus inflammation

Foods to Include in a Diet for Lupus

If you are suffering from Lupus, the best thing you can do to improve your health is by switching over to a completely lighter and preferably low-cholesterol diet.

  • Try to eat lean meat/poultry.

  • Use very little oil while cooking. Try to use only extra virgin olive oil.

  • Eat a lot of oily fish like sardine, tuna etc.

  • Always try to have skimmed milk and milk products.

  • Try to include more and more fresh vegetables in your meal.

  • We have attached a recipe of an energy tonic’s that is very helpful as well as delicious.

  • You can have this soup if you are suffering from Lupus. This will not only provide you extra energy, but also treat you to a delicious meal.

Congee (Energy Tonic Soup)

Serves- 2 persons.


  • Rice or barley- ½ cup

  • Water or Stock- 4 cups

  • Kombu seaweed- 1/2 inch piece

  • Bay leaf- 1

  • Ginger- 1 tea spoon (minced)

  • Cumin- ¼ tea spoon

  • 1 chicken thigh with bone

  • Scallions- 1(chopped)

  • Sea Salt- ½ tea spoon

Take a 3 quarter pot and place all the above mentioned ingredients. In low heat boil the ingredients for at list 3 hours. Keep adding water if required. Take away the chicken bone. Add salt to taste and then garnish with scallions.


You can make the dish different by adding your favorite vegetables like mushrooms celery, onion, carrot etc.