Diet for Hiatal Hernia

The most common and painful symptom of Hiatal Hernia is severe heartburn. Therefore, diet for Hiatal Hernia should be more effective in treating heartburn too. This article will help you to find solutions for both the problems.

Hiatal hernia is a state in which part of the stomach enlarges upwards into the chest through the hiatus (opening). This results in acid leak in the stomach which in turn causes heartburn.

Healthy Eating in Hiatal Hernia:

Given below are some diet tips that will help you to remain healthy in this disease. These are:

  • Try to eat smaller and frequent meals instead of eating larger and fewer meals.
  • Do not eat 2 hours before bed time.
  • After your dinner, sit up for one hour before going to bed.
  • Avoid foods that can cause heartburn (acid reflux) symptoms like tomatoes, tomato sauces, unripe fruit, citrus fruits, gooseberries, vinegar and acidic pickles or relishes.
  • Quit alcohol.
  • Smoking increases acidity. Therefore, it is advisable not to smoke.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes. Do not wear clothes that put extra strain on your abdomen and chest.
  • Do not lie down immediately after you finish eating. This increases the risk of heartburn.

Other important considerations regarding the diet for Hiatal Hernia are as follows:

Lose More to Gain More

Obesity, especially surplus fat on the abdomen and chest, is a common reason for the occurrence of Hiatal Hernia, and heartburn in the long run. Therefore, try to lose more weight, if indeed you want relief from Hiatal Hernia.

Say no to Large Meals

A large meal induces the stomach to produce more acid. Therefore, it is advisable to go for 4 to 6 large meals in a day. This will reduce your chances of Hiatal Hernia.

Avoid Acidic Food

Try to avoid acidic food items.

Fight out Fatty and Spicy Food

Spicy/fried and fatty food leads to indigestion and should be avoided or eaten in moderation. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid full-fat cheese, butter, mayonnaise, salami, sausages and meat pies. Among spices, you should avoid chili peppers, black pepper, mustard and other hot spices, raw onions and garlic.

Cut down Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated or fizzy soft drinks increase the chances of Hiatal Hernia and heartburn. Rather you can go for water, tender coconut water, herbal tea or diluted non-citrus fruit juices. These drinks are very helpful for your health and help you to maintain the liquid balance too.

Supplement your Diet with Soluble Fiber

If your diet does not contain soluble then it may lead you to constipation. Constipation, in turn, puts extra pressure on abdominal muscles and increases the risk of Hiatal Hernia and heartburn. To prevent this try to eat more high-fiber foods like apples, oats, pears, dried apricots and green vegetables.

Other Digestive Tips

For digestive problems like heartburn, some dietitians and doctors recommend patients to eat or cook with digestion-friendly aromatic herbs like camomile, basil, dill,caraway, fennel, thyme and rosemary . They also recommend you to have a glass/cup of herbal tea to reduce acidity.