Diet for Gestational Diabetes

You are always advised to follow nutritious diet during your pregnancy. Good nutrition is all the more important if you’ve developed Gestational Diabetes during your pregnancy. This is a very vulnerable stage as your baby might get infected if you are not taking good care of yourself. One way to deal with this is to follow a definite meal plan along with the medication prescribed by your doctor.

Diabetes develops when your body is inefficient to make proper use of the insulin into usable fuel. When a huge amount of glucose builds up in your blood, your cells are unable to get the fuel they need.

Guidelines to Control your Sweet Tooth

These are certain tips that will help you to control excess amount of sugar in your meal:

  • Try to divide the carbohydrates all through the day by eating three medium-sized to small meals plus two to four snacks. You should also eat a snack in the evening to avoid low blood sugar during the night. Eating the same amount of carbohydrate during meals and snacks from day to day can help you keep your blood sugars under control.
  • Don’st miss out any meal. Try to stick to the timings and the amount of meal you have in a day. This will help to stabilize the blood sugar level in you.
  • Plan a good breakfast. Your blood will have a tendency to rise in the morning. To limit the blood sugar level you have to limit carbohydrates like cereal, breads, fruit, and milk.Instead you can increase your protein intake, and avoid fruit and juice in total.
  • Minimize your intake of foods and beverages containing simple sugars like fruit juice, soda, flavored teas, and other desserts. These foods quickly increase your blood sugar level.
  • Milk is high in lactose, which is a simple sugar. Limit your intake of milk and find an alternative source of calcium.
  • Sample Diet for Gestational Diabetes

We have also designed a simple diet plan for you. This will help you to know how to follow a proper meal when you are suffering from Gestational Diabetes.


Whole grain bread toast- 2 slices

Peanut butter- 2 tea spoons

Fruit juice without added sugar- ½ cup

Mid-morning Snack

Cottage cheese- 1 cup

Apple- 1


Lentil soup (or other bean soup)- 1 cup

of whole grain crackers- 1 serving

Baby carrots- 1 cup

Low fat cheese- 2 ounces

Mid-afternoon Snack

Grapes- 1 cup

Raw almonds- 15 to 20 pieces

Evening Snack

Plain popcorns- 5 cups


Brown rice- 1 cup

Fish of choice- 6 ounces

Steamed broccoli- 1 cup

Skimmed milk- 1 cup

You should also perform certain exercises along with daily regime of diet. Do contact an instructor for this purpose.