Diet for Diarrhea

Diarrhea causes much discomfort. It is frequent loose and liquid bowel movement. One has to be very conscious of what he or she eats and drinks or else his or her condition may get aggravated. Diet plays a major role in its control. One must eat the right kind of food. What kind of diet?

Tips for Diet for Diarrhea

  • Drink plenty of fluids at least 8 to 10 glasses per day. Lost fluid will get replaced. Good sources of fluid are water, juices (except prune juice), weak tea, ginger ale etc.
  • Limit drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee, strong tea, and cola beverages
  • One should watch how long the diarrhea continues. Diet makes a difference. Assess as to what is good for you. Try out those foods that work out best for you.
  • Milk and milk products such as cheese, pudding and ice cream can make diarrhea worse. One can try to reduce the use of these foods to see if the diarrhea gets better. If there is a problem, consult a dietitian or a doctor for further clarifications
  • Lactose -free milk and soy beverages are good
  • Reduce the intake of high fat foods such as fried foods, fatty meats, high fat desserts, excess butter, margarine, milk with high fat levels milk products (homo milk, cream) and oily snack foods
  • Fiber content should be reduced. Fiber can be had is available in vegetables,fruits, whole grain breads and cereals, nuts and seeds. One can go in for a low-fiber diet.
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day
  • One can remove the skins, seeds and membranes from fruits and vegetables, which makes the foods easier to digest. Canned or well-cooked fruits and vegetables are also easy to digest
  • One should take less dried fruits, berries, rhubarb, legumes (lentils, kidney beans, lima beans), peas, corn, broccoli, spinach and nuts as they aggravate diarrhea
  • In case of gas, avoid foods that can increase gas production. These foods are dried peas and beans, cabbage,broccoli, onions, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower,carbonated beverages, beer and chewing gum
  • Once diarrhea reduces one can go back to normal diet

Diarrhea attack can be taken care of through proper diet. Some foods should be avoided, while some can be taken. One must decide what is good for oneself. Of course consulting the physician also would help. Persistent diarrhea requires medical attention.