Diet for Crohns

Crohn’s, a disease in the intestine may lead to several other diseases like dehydration, diarrhea, intestinal cancer etc. So, it is very important for you to maintain a diet that is completely perfect for your intestines.

Your intestine is the main organ that plays the key role in the digestion of food that you eat. Diet for Crohn’s, thus, includes only those food items that can be easily digested and rich in proteins and other essential fluids. Food that are hard to digest are not included in the diet because during this time your intestine is very weak and diseased.

Dietary changes that are required

Given below are some very important dietary changes that are essential for a person suffering from Crohn’s:

Low fiber diet – If you are suffering from Crohn’s then you should switch over to a low fiber diet. This will save you from diarrhea and abdominal cramping.

Low lactose diet – It is always advisable to avoid milk and milk-based products if you have Crohn’s. This is because your digestive system is not that strong to digest milk and milk-based products.

Low fat diet –A low fat diet should also be followed because Steatorrhoea is a disease that may attack you.

Plenty of water – You might also get dehydrated during this time. So, try to drink plenty of water.

Liquid diet – A nutritionally-balanced liquid diet is recommended if you are suffering from severe Crohn’s.

Fish Oil- Omega-3 fatty acids, that are found in fish oil, are very helpful to fight against inflammation in the intestinal tract. So, you must include fish oil or oily fish in your diet.

Potassium-rich Foods- Food those are rich in potassium like avocados, potatoes, and bananas.

Protein– Proteins are very important for Crohn’s. So, try to include food like soy, fish, and lean meat/poultry in your diet.

Low Fiber Diet for Crohn’s

To go for a low fiber diet it is very important for you to know which type of food are actually low fiber food. So, we have provided you with some dietary tips that will help you to keep away from Crohn’s. Given below is a list of certain low-fiber food items that will help you to recover soon. These are:

  • Hard cheese with no vegetables in it, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, skim milk and ice cream.
  • Rice-based cereals like Rice Chex and Rice Krispies.
  • White bread, biscuits, instant mashed potato flakes, pasta and white flour.
  • Soups without vegetable pieces like potato, tomato, cream of mushroom, cheese etc., or any other seasonings.
  • Processed meat like hot dogs, ground chuck, frozen or fresh fish, lunch meat and chicken
  • Ripe bananas
  • Tomato paste and tomato sauce – simple and pure.

Foods that are Harmful

Now let us discuss about those food items that are harmful or should be avoided if you are suffering from Crohn’s. These are:

Fats. Fats are the worst enemies of Crohn’s. So, food items like marbled meat, cheese, butter, whole milk, oily food/fried food, fast food etc., should be avoided.

Milk products. Milk and milk- based products take a lot of time to digest. Avoid them when you are suffering from Crohn’s.

Caffeinated drinks. Drinks that contain caffeine like coffee etc., should be avoided too.

Allergenic foods. Common allergenic food items like eggs, tomatoes peanuts, etc., and other food items that you are allergic with should not be eaten.

Vegetables. Food items that irritate the intestine like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc., also should not be taken.

For further help regarding your diet please consult your doctor.