Cure to Candida with Food

Diet in Candida plays a very important role in a way that it eliminates those food items that feed yeast/fungal infection. This type of anti-Candida diet plan helps the patient to recover within 2-4 weeks.

Candida is a yeast/fungal infestation. We generally have some amount of it in our body, which helps the immune system in us. But, in this disease it exceeds the number and poses danger to our body. It then causes infection in the mouth, skin, vaginal area and the intestine.

General Dietary Advice

Given below are some dietary advices for you to follow:

Cut Down Carbohydrates

Sugar induces Candida. Therefore, you should reduce your intake of carbohydrate to 20 to 30 gms per day.

You are not safe with yeast

You should know that yeast is very harmful in this disease. So, try to avoid all food items that contain yeast. All bakery products that contain yeast like breads, pizza base etc., should be completely avoided.

Do not take Dairy Products

Candida reduces your body’ss ability to digest food. So, you should stay away from milk and milk-based products.

Fungi creates more Fuss

Food items like mushrooms should also be eliminated.

Avoid Intake of Processed/Packaged Food

Processed and packaged food and drinks often contain yeast, sugar or other Candida-feeding ingredients. So, avoid the intake of these food items.

Avoid Refined Grains

White flour, white rice, white pasta, corn flour (cornstarch), cornflakes, custard powder, and some other cereals which are not whole grain seeds, should be completely avoided.

Avoid Malted Products

Certain kinds of cereals like granary bread, crisp breads, health drinks should be avoided in this disease.

Fight out Fermented Food Products

Raw Vinegar and other food items containing it; like pickles, ketchups, mayonnaise, salad creams, baked beans, soy sauce, ginger beer, cider, beer and wine should be eliminated completely.

Nuts are Naughty

Avoid peanut and peanut butter completely as they contain moulds.

Grow over Ground Pepper

You should get rid of ground pepper completely as they also contain a high degree of mould.

Stop Salt

Try to switch over to a low-sodium diet. This will help you to maintain a good health.

Nothing Fresh in Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits or fruit juice contains a very high degree of moulds. This is very harmful for this disease. So, avoid them.

Avoid Smoked Fish or Meat

Fish like smoked salmon, haddock mackerel should be avoided. In case of meat ham, bacon etc., should be avoided too.

Cut Down Coffee/Tea

You should avoid tea and coffee completely. Even decaffeinated tea or coffee contains other harmful stimulants, so avoid them.

Foods That You Should Have

Apart from the above mentioned food items that you should avoid, there are certain other food substitutes that can be taken or included in your diet chart. These are:

  • You can have breads that are made with whole wheat flour/whole grains. Organic oatcakes can also be eaten as they are very good for your health.
  • Pastries that are made with whole wheat flour and sunflower/olive oil can also be eaten.
  • You can have unsalted butter and unhydrogenated margarine as sandwich spread.
  • As a medium of cooking you can use extra virgin olive or sunflower oil.
  • You can have yogurt that is low fat, unflavored and natural.

Typical menu chart for Fibromyalgia

Menu chart of your breakfast, lunch and dinner will help you to know more about the diet pattern that you should follow.


You can have a bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk. Porridge made with Soya milk or skimmed milk. You can also have egg poached, boiled or scrambled, eaten with whole wheat soda bread, or toast and butter.


You can prepare your lunch with any type of oily fish you like. Fish like salmon, tuna, sardine, mackerel, trout, herring etc., are very beneficial for you. Along with this, you can have beans and vegetable pie and a cup of home made yogurt.


You can have a plate full of steamed salad. Do not put oil when you are steaming them. You can also roast them in extra virgin olive oil. You can also add lean meat or chicken to enhance the flavor. A glass of lemonade will complete your dinner.