Diary Diet may Prevent Asthma

Asthma is a disorder associated with breathing and respiration. Asthma can affect people of any age group in any part of the world. Some of the major triggers for asthma can be allergens and foreign particles, infections, weather and climate, improper ways of exercise etc.

Food plays a vital role in controlling and reducing asthma and its effects on a person. A well balanced diet rich with seasonal fruits, vegetables, bread, nuts, cereals, meat and dairy products should be consumed. A well balanced diet guarantees array of nutrients in form of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamin, and minerals for over all well-being.

Asthma and Dairy Products-

The older myths associated asthma and dairy products, to activate asthma has been given off. Latest researches have proved that milk and dairy products when consumed in good quantities can shield people from asthma. Studies and experiments have further strengthened that consumption of dairy on daily basis radically lowers asthma and its symptoms. ‘According to Dr Alet Wijga, milk components are rich with fatty acids and other micronutrients that protects against asthma’

Similarly another myth is that milk increases mucus. This is however not true as the physical properties of milk cause the coating or texture inside the throat and mouth. This coating is generally mistaken for mucus formation.

Milk products are rich in calcium and phosphorous. These are primary food for building up of bones among young children. It is not wise to restrict a food diet devoid of dairy products. It is imperative to diagnose the reasons of allergic reactions by a doctor and then acting on it.

Nursing mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed their babies as it minimizes the chances of developing allergic reaction and diseases in kids. Children consuming full-cream milk, cheese and butter every day in their diet have less likely to have asthma. Brown bread when taken daily lessened wheezing and asthma.

Disadvantages of eliminating dairy from diet-

  • The diet will become nutritionally unbalanced.
  • Weak bones can enhance the risk of fractures among children and development of smaller skeletons.
  • Low milk intake can lead to poorer bone mass in later life.

The best mantra for an asthma suffering person is to consume a nutritional well-balanced diet replenished with generous intake of dairy products. Proper exercising keeps one fit and healthy. It is essential to follow the diligently the action plan designed for individual according to the individual needs, by their doctors. The National Asthma Council itself recommends dairy products. Dairy products are rich with ten vital nutrients and are important for overall health. It is true that the connection between diet and asthma are still unknown. But studies have shown that semi-skimmed milk, yogurt, chocolate milk, white bread, margarine, cheese, full-fat milk, butter consumption can drastically diminish the occurrence of asthma in people.