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4 Types of Medical Diets for Patients

Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are prescribed special medical diets by doctors to ease their symptoms. These specific diets are helpful and four types […]

What Foods are to be Eaten as per a Blood Type Diet Chart?

Following a blood type diet chart is a good idea when you wish to plan your diet according to your blood type. This way you […]

What are the Side Effects of Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet?

The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is probably one among the best known Hollywood products. However, there are many side effects of Hollywood 48 hour Miracle […]

10 Interesting Facts About Mexican Food

One type of cuisine that is gaining popularity is Mexican food, and it’s no question why.  It’s delicious, affordable and can be very healthy as […]

18 Interesting Facts About Pizza

October is the National Pizza month in the United States. This humble food has taken the whole world by storm. One of the most loved […]

5 Celebrities who died of Eating Disorders

Overview Celebrities suffer from eating disorders as they are under constant pressure to look their best. This can take a toll on their body – […]

Basic Maple Syrup Diet Instructions to Follow

Overview Beyonce made maple syrup diet very popular among the people. But maple syrup diet instructions should be followed properly if you intend to go […]

Want to Know Shakira Diet?

When Shakira danced to ‘Waka Waka’ the whole world got up and noticed her amazing body. A strict Shakira diet and a vigorous work out […]

Foods You can Eat on HCG Diet Plan

While on an HCG diet plan, there are certain foods you can eat and certain foods you are instructed to avoid. In general, the plan follows […]

Fish Facelift Diet: Facelift at Fish Cost

An inexpensive alternative, to the costlier facelift treatments, using natural food is the Fish Facelift Diet or Salmon Diet. It utilizes good food with natural […]