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Diet rich in Protein - Advantages and Disadvantages Diet rich in Protein – Advantages and Disadvantages

Diets rich in protein appeared in the 1960s. The idea was simple – since you eat high amounts of protein, for sure you will increase […]

The Best Diet for Women who are trying to Get Pregnant

For many women it is the biggest dream – to get pregnant and have healthy baby. We are able to do everything in our power […]

The Best Foods to Increase Female Libido The Best Foods to Increase Female Libido

What factors can decrease libido? In fact there are many factors, both physical and psychological that can reduce female libido. Psychological causes include: Depression Past […]

The-Best-Vegetables-for-Diabetics The Best Vegetables for Diabetics

Diet plays important role in diabetic life. Proper diet can help fight against diabetes. According to The American Diabetes Association healthy diet should include different […]

The Best Diet for Healthy Liver The Best Diet for Healthy Liver

Have you ever thought how important for your health is liver? Most of people know that liver plays important role in detoxification process. But this […]

Which Foods to Avoid When Suffering from Ischemic Colitis?

About Ischemic Colitis It is a sudden inflammation or swelling of a part of the colon (large intestine) that occurs when there is a temporary […]

How to Treat Irregular Periods through Home Remedies?

Overview When a woman gets menses after every two to three months or two to three times in one month, then she is known to […]

Low Fiber Diet for Partial Bowel Obstruction

Overview In general, adults in countries such as the United States don’t consume as much fiber as they should. However, Medline Plus reports that if […]

What Foods to Avoid for Pancreatitis?

Overview The pancreas is gland present in the abdomen. It produces enzymes and hormones. The enzymes help in the digestion of food, and the hormones […]

What are The Herbs for Treating Pancreatitis?

Although herbs should never be used alone to treat pancreatitis, some herbs may be helpful along with the use of conventional medical treatment. Patients suffering […]