Atkins Diet

Dr. Robert Atkins introduced his diet back in 1970 with a different name. As is the case with many diet fads, it lost its charm. It’s now ten years that he has re-introduced his low-carbohydrates diet program. It is estimated that almost 25 million Americans use this diet during any given period. Let us first understand what Atkins diet is.

Atkins Diet – Low carbohydrates(carbs) diet

In the first two weeks of following Atkins diet only 20 grams of carbs per day are permitted. That means that this so called induction period consists of eating foods like meat, seafood, eggs, cheeses, poultry, oils, butter, margarine, sausages and bacon. Sauces, dressings, few cups of lettuce and cheeses provide the 20 gram carbs.

In these two weeks, those who follow these diets are not allowed to take milk, fruits, grains, breads, cereals, potatoes, corn, peas and carrots. After these two weeks, dieters are allowed to add five to ten grams of carbs intake. The maintenance period after the first few weeks allows the dieters to add 40-50 grams of carbs per day. Make a note here that even this diet is no good as compared to what health experts say.

How it Helps?

  • Studies have already been published proving the effectiveness of the Atkins diet. These studies prove that heart disease indicator improved in the participants after they have used the Atkins diet.
  • A notable decrease in serum triglyceride levels and good increase in serum HDL (which in normal terms is called good cholesterol for the heart) is found in those who have took Atkins diet .
  • The Atkins diet promises not only to help in losing weight, but also makes you feel full which is a rarity when compared to the other diets. It also promises better heart health and excellent memory function along with other wellness benefits.

The theory behind Atkins Diet

This diet is based on the theory that obese or overweight people consume too many carbohydrates. Though our bodies burn both fat and carbs for energy, they utilize carbs first to give energy. If the carbs consumed provide the required energy, fat begins to accumulate in the body making them over weight with fat. Therefore, by suddenly reducing carbs and taking more fat and protein, our body system loses weight burning off excess fat efficiently (the low-fat diets also work on the same kind of theory except that more carbs and protein are offered as diet).

Contradicting Atkins Diet

Many medical experts and medical societies contradict the idea that required amounts of carbohydrates in ones diet lead to obesity and illness. For example, in Japan where obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease is low, people take a very carbohydrate rich diet. This means that lesser amounts of carbs and fats or a good amount of exercise is required to beat obesity and heart disease.

It has not yet been proved that people regularly following Atkins diet do not suffer major side effects. However the inability to stick to the diet for longish periods of time has definitely affected enough people. Mostly because high protein food leads to acidic urine, which means more risk of kidney stones. Therefore, as is always said, any diet should be followed only after making and understanding the behavior of your body. And that is the only reason why you need a doctor’s help.