Assess Your Diet and Lifestyle

Evaluating your health on the basis of diet and lifestyle is highly crucial. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration before assessing your health. Today’ss lifestyle is extremely demanding. The work pressure, lack of quality time, altered food habits all effect and contribute to the change in lifestyle.

Guidelines for assessing a total health can be done by checking and contemplating on the lines discussed below.

Every one has a freedom to make choices in terms of eating habits and lifestyle. The rate at which life threatening diseases are taking toll in human life is intimidating. Hypertension, problems related with heart, cancer has emerged unbridled and have effected a considerable chunk of the population. The odd working hours, poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and sedentary living has attributed to it. One cannot turn a blind eye to the chances and risk of developing them. That does not mean that they cannot be prevented. Kick-start by evaluating the negativities of your life and diet and try to amend them in a rational way.

One of the most common habits is smoking, that causes to illness, health consequences and death. Lung cancer, skin cancer, bronchitis, stroke and even an unborn baby or fetus are badly affected by it. Another cause is alcohol and doing drugs. The entire system gets affected and the body degenerates slowly. It can lead to liver damage, alteration in blood pressure, stroke and other gastrointestinal problems.

All these not only ruins one health but results in death of relationships finally leading a person emotionally tattered. Excess alcoholism is the root cause of abusive and violent behavior. A person looses his mental balance and the actions are no longer in his or her control. Unhealthy sexual behavior is also a major reason.

How can the habit be altered?

Exercising and engaging everyday for at least 30 mins in restrained physical activity is suggested. Weight management and diet control can be done by the guidelines given in food pyramid and the dietary guidelines. Exercising regularly bestows in building lean body mass, thus obesity can be kept at bay, the bone density is preserved, the blood pressure and heart rate is balanced, there is improvement in sleep patterns thus increase in productivity and enhanced vitality, this further alleviates depression and stress.

Making smart and intelligent food choices are imperative. Consume an array of nutrient rich food and fortified drinks, limiting saturated and trans fats. Help yourself with generous servings of fruits and vegetables and whole grain. Dairy, poultry and meat should be fat free and moderate intake of sugar and processed food. These diets can prevent cancer, cardiovascular and other ailments.

Apart from this also have a look at your family history. Researches have proved that most of the conditions are genetically transferred. You can track this from your family tree and can take preventive measures at an early stage avoiding any kind ailments in long run. A genetic counselor may help you in illuminating on the risk factors.

Finally make a questionnaire for yourself and answer to it.


You can assess your own lifestyle and eating habit and you will give a clear picture about your present health. Whether you smoke or indulge in alcoholic beverages, Whether you are do drugs, Do you consume a well balanced diet, Is exercising a part of your life, How long you exercise, Are you aware about your family history in terms of medical conditions etc. are some of the questions. Make a list and answer and evaluate.

All these questions will provide an immediate answer and you can assess your position, life and health. There is always room for improvement and definitely by assessing your own lifestyle you may resolve to work for a better one.