A High Protein Diet Good for Health

It has been observed in recent years protein has generated interest as an important constituent in our food. Most of the weight loss programs make it a point to put protein as foremost ingredient in their diet program. But it is a universal fact that people all over the globe does not get enough amount of proteins in their body. Among kids the deficiency leads to kwashiorkor. In further stages the growth gets retarded, there is loss of muscle mass, the immunity gets reduced, the cardiovascular system gets weakened and the respiratory system also gets affected.

Facts about proteins-

Digesting proteins is not an easy process as the acids produced in the body counteracts with calcium and other components of the blood. A high protein diet if consumed for a much longer period of time may lead to weakening of bones. Calcium from the bones is absorbed due to this and the bone becomes more susceptible to breakage and injury. Still research has to be done that defines the safe and optimal dosage of protein in the diet.

Protein contains amino acids and can be complete or incomplete and depends from which source it has been consumed. Animal protein is a complete kind of protein while fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts are incomplete. Vegetarians have to supplement their body from various other sources to make up the deficient proteins. There are very little facts that are available between the effect of protein and diseases related with the cardiovascular system, diabetes and cancer. Protein foods sluggishes the absorption of glucose and reduces the hunger and cravings for untimely eating. It thus facilitates to burn the fat easily.

Weight control

– Recent trails have proved that intake of protein diet, low-carb diet is more effective than low-fat diet in most of the weight loss programs. This also helps in improving waistline and overall shape of the body.

Some tips-

  • The diet should have good mix of all the proteins so that all the amino acids are provided to the body. It should be well-packaged one.
  • Cutting carbs improves the levels of triglyceride and HDL. The balance between carbs and proteins has to be perfect.
  • Soy, beans, tofu and other soy-based food are excellent source of proteins. Large amount of soy relieves hot flashes, problems related with menopause, heart disease, breast cancer, and improves memory.
  • The diet should have 25-35% of protein for weight loss and 20-25% for weight maintenance, of high quality protein.
  • Some of high protein foods are- whey, chicken and turkey breasts, fishes like tuna, salmon, swordfish, dairy products like cottage cheese, haddock, steaks, beefs, eggs, pork, sea food as lobster, crab, shrimp etc.