What Do’s and Don’ts To Follow While Making Vegan Smoothies?


When it comes to making smoothies, there are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow. Whether you are making fruit or vegan smoothies, it is important to remember that ingredients count. You will get your output based on your inputs. So it is always important to make sure your ingredients are right so that you derive a good smoothie. This article aims to list some things you need to follow while making vegan smoothies

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Do’s and Don’ts to Follow for Preparing Vegan Smoothies

To Do

1–  Add fresh garden herbs and non-cruciferous veggies such as cucumbers, celery, basil, romaine lettuce, sprouts, cilantro, green beans, zucchini and yellow squash. These herbs and veggies are loaded with minerals and vitamins. They provide a delicious flavor to the preparation. Basically, you must prepare a mineral-rich smoothie that is more alkaline. This can be attained by putting in fiber and mineral-rich veggies and blending them.

2–  Know the difference between contracting and expansive foods. As vegetables are slightly expansive in nature, a dash of low sodium, wheat-free Tamara or a pinch of Celtic sea salt can be added to create more balance. One scoop of  Vitality SuperGreen’s can be added to alkalize the smoothies. It is a very great addition because it is nutrient-dense. It contains fermented green vegetables, fermented algae, and cereal grasses.

3–  Add organic forms of fat, such as unrefined hempseed oil, avocadoes, flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, cod liver oil, coconut oil or melted ghee. These healthy additions provide flavor and body to the smoothie. Also, oils or fats keep the body satisfied for a longer time. This is one important tip to follow while making vegan smoothies.

4–  Add small amounts of sea vegetables, such as Irish Moss or wakame. Even a small amount goes a long way in providing extra proteins and minerals, including iodine. This will let you start your day with energy and brain power.

5–  To give your vegan smoothie a probiotic punch, add 2 to 4 oz. of the energizing Innergy-Biotic. It will heal your digestion and will also multiply the nutrients in the vegan smoothie by hundreds of times. Not just that, it will add a balancing sour flavor, just like lemon juice.

6–  Make use of fermented foods in your smoothies. The addition of microflora helps to create an inner ecosystem in your intestines, the powerful center of your body. Adding a spoonful of cultured veggies has many benefits.

7–  Include a small amount of soaked seeds and/or nuts. You can even try adding one spoon of any seed or nut butter. This will give a nice consistency, texture, as well as flavor to the preparation.

Not To Do

1–  Never combine many veggies and fruits for one single smoothie. Also remember not to combine bottle gourd with other veggies. It will be poisoning. However, having said that, a sour Granny Smith apple can be combined with other sour fruits, such as limes, lemons, cranberry, noni, pomegranate and acai.This is one tip that you must not do while making vegan smoothies.

2–  Never use raw cruciferous veggies, such as kale, collards, cauliflower, broccoli, arugula, and Brussels Sprouts. They have thyroid-suppressing properties. Thus, they must always be eaten fermented or cooked with other veggies.

3–  Never use carrots, beets or other root veggies as they become even sweeter after juicing or blending into smoothies. If you still want to add them, you can add them in very small amounts after making sure that they are well-balanced with alkaline-forming veggies mentioned above.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what do’s and don’ts to follow while preparing vegan smoothies, you can head to the kitchen and make one for yourself. Remember that the best time to have them is in the mornings because the body requires alkaline, and liquids when we wake up acidic and dehydrated.

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