Diet rich in Protein – Advantages and Disadvantages

Diets rich in protein appeared in the 1960s. The idea was simple – since you eat high amounts of protein, for sure you will increase muscle and lose fat. This diet soon became very popular. Today we know that protein-rich diets have advantages and disadvantages. To explain them firstly we have to say a few words about protein.

Definition of protein
Protein is composed of amino acids. They build cells and tissue in your body. What you have to know is that there are twenty amino acids that are essential and your body is not able to produce them. Just like fat and carbohydrates, protein is a macronutrient. One gram of them contains four kcal. Protein provides energy to your body and it is essential for your health. This is why it should make up more than fifteen percent of your daily food intake. What are the best sources of protein? For sure you should add to your diet foods like rabbit, fish, poultry, dairy products, cured meat, cheese, whole grains, shellfish, nuts, soy, mushrooms, roots and eggs.

Advantages of protein-rich diets

    Since protein is so healthy and essential for your body, diet based on them has several health benefits. The most important profits of diet rich in protein include:

  • Appetite Management
    Appetite management is one of the most important challenges of any diet. It is not so easy to reduce food consumption and make good choice – especially when you are hungry. Most of diets require limiting of food intake and therefore hunger can be an issue. Thanks to a diet high in protein you will feel less hungry longer. Also it will be easier to follow a healthy diet.
  • Lose fat
    According to Australian scientists, people who consume a high protein lose more fat than people who ate low protein foods. It is really important news since losing weight led to reductions of LDL cholesterol level and therefore it leads to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Another research (from Netherlands) found that continuing to consume foods rich in protein helps maintain weight loss. Good news is that this diet minimizes muscle loss (your weight loss will come from fat). Leas muscle is very important for your overall health. To maintain muscle you need a lot of calories so having proper muscle mass will help you stay lean.
  • Blood Glucose Levels
    Thanks to diet rich in protein you can maintain stable blood glucose levels. This nutrient is digested slower than carbohydrate and blood sugar levels rises gradually and more slowly. This is why protein-rich diet is recommended for diabetics. Thanks to protein in your snack and meal you will reduce postprandial blood glucose levels.

Disadvantages of protein-rich diets

      Unfortunately diets rich in protein have also disadvantages. Before you choose this type of diet think about some negative consequences, like:

    • Reduction in food choices
      Proper diet should be balanced – should include different kind of foods that your body needs such as fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. If you will concentrate on foods rich in protein you may have problems with digestive system, nutritional deficiencies or altered blood chemistry.
    • Calcium loss
      Digestion of protein leads to increase of uric acid and urea in your blood. Your body responds to this by releasing calcium ions from skeleton. After some time this condition can leads to significant loss of calcium and even osteoporosis. Keep in mind that drinking more milk will not solve this problem. In that case better option is intake of plant-based proteins together with vegetables rich in calcium (like kale or broccoli).
    • Potentially increased cholesterol
      Many of protein sources are also high in cholesterol. Of course not all – you can always consume soy, nuts, bens, fish or skinless chicken without any problems. Still many people who choose protein-rich diet include consume large amount of dairy products or meat. This can lead to harmful dietary levels of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Diet based on protein can also lead to damage of your kidney (experts are not sure about that, the evidences are still too little). What is more you should be aware of environmental consequences (if people will start eat more meat, environment will be more polluted).

If you want to lose weight quickly, diet rich in protein will be great for you. If you want to have good eating habits you should rather avoid this diet. Remember that you need protein for healing, growth and overall health but tour diet should be balanced. Thanks to that you will provide protein to your body and also other valuable nutrients. Protein-rich diets have advantages and advantages – just like any other diet. Before choosing diet the best for you think twice – it is really important decision. All in all proper diet can protect your health and remember – you are what you eat!

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