How to Treat Irregular Periods through Home Remedies?


When a woman gets menses after every two to three months or two to three times in one month, then she is known to be suffering from irregular periods. This is a serious problem for ladies. In young married women, childbirth can be problematic and in old women, many health issues arise due to this condition. Therefore, this problem must be tackled as soon as possible and in a natural way so that it does not show any side effects. Home remedies can be very helpful to treat the problem in a natural way. Find out what home remedies can be useful in this case by reading below.

Natural Treatments for Irregular Periods

The best treatment would be to get rid of those conditions that have become its cause. So you must first find out what caused it. The causes of this condition include a diet deficient in nutrients, change in diet pattern, binging on junk foods, smoking, stress, excessive alcohol, significant and sudden weight loss or weight gain, chemotherapy, recent child birth, miscarriage, breast feeding, and so on. If you have undergone any of these things, then you would probably suffer from irregularity in menses. Try to find out how to overcome these causes, especially the ones that are truly harmful. You can exclude the causes such as recent child birth, miscarriage and breast feeding, as these are natural. Some of the possible solutions to get rid of this condition are as follows.


  • Avoid eating spicy and hot foods, fast foods, packaged foods and such other junk foods as they lack nutrients. Balanced and nutritious diets must be planned and eaten. Fruits, cereals, pulses, vegetables, meat and dairy products must be equally included in your meals.
  • You must never follow any fad diet to lose weight quickly. Following starvation diets or missing meals such as breakfast constantly can put the body on a survival mode. When the body gets into such a mode then it will not have regular cycles. So you must eat 3 times every day.
  • Decoction of Coriander or Fennels seeds must be consumed every day to regularize the cycle. These ingredients can be soaked in water overnight. In the morning, the water must be strained and consumed.
  • The bark of Neem tree (Indian Lilac) can be soaked at night. The next morning, the water can be strained and this liquid, if consumed 3 times a day, will regularize the menses.
  • You can prepare juice of Bitter gourd and have it.
  • To correct hormonal imbalance that are a cause of this condition, you must take herbs such as Dong GUI and Chase tree. These herbs help in re-establishing regular menstrual cycles.
  • You can also cure yourself by preparing and drinking Carrot and Beetroot juice. Drinking these juices regularly every day for 3 months will help.
  • You can prepare Lemon juice and then add Cinnamon powder to it. This juice should be consumed regularly.
  • Eating one teaspoon of Sesame powder 2 times in a day, will also be helpful.
  • You can also eat salad in which 2 tablespoons of Fenugreek sprouts are added.
  • Prepare a cup of Buttermilk and have it daily by mixing it with water and ground Radish.
  • Grape juice is also found to be very effective in order to regularize the menses.
  • To overcome the delay in menses, you can have the juice of Aloe Vera or unripe Papaya to which some sugar is added.


Taking enough rest and avoiding getting stressed is also very important to treat irregular periods. Proper consultation of your doctor is essential before trying out any of the above homemade treatments.


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  1. I have found this page very helpful. I been suffering from delay periods all my life or periods that stay for too long.

  2. plz rply me on my id.i hav 5 month baby i had no periods for 3 months,then i got period in pain n jst like spots,i start taking a home remedy in between my periods honey n black seed oil n warm water2 time a day,now mybleeding s not going 2 finish..wht did i wrrong,plz gv me treatment

  3. Hi
    i am 23 years girl.i have been suffering from irregular period not come in timely so please suggest me what can i do..

  4. i’m 21 years d age of 19 ,i was affected by over bleeding… that means i had a period upto 1 month,then i chad consulted with my doctor,she put injection 2 stop…….. after that one year , i didn’t get period,and then again consulting other doctor,she said,it was fited as irregular…….. is there any way 2 cure this……..