Is It Safe To Eat Dates during Pregnancy?

It is generally safe to eat dates during pregnancy. This is due to dates being a nutrient packed fruit and it providing various nutritional benefits.  Some of which are especially important for a pregnant women.

Dates during Pregnancy

Health Benefits of Eating Dates during Pregnancy

Good source of Energy

As all fruits, dates have natural occurring sugars in them, such as fructose. Sugars give the body an instant source of energy. Unlike proteins or fats this nutrient is in its simplest form and is almost immediately available for the body to use as energy.


Constipation can be one of many complaints pregnant women seem to have. At this stage fiber helps by promoting regular bowel movements and by preventing some common complications associated with constipation such as hemorrhoids, abdominal pain and discomfort. Also the soluble fiber content in the fruit helps in lowering bad cholesterol or LDL (low density lipoprotein) levels.


Dates contain iron, about 5% of the daily recommendation in about ½ cup. Iron is a mineral that helps  produce red blood cells and transports oxygen thru the blood. Having an adequate amount of iron can prevent iron-deficient anemia. For pregnant women iron is especially important to have as the body increases its blood volume during pregnancy. Increased blood volume means a need for more iron to support immune function, brain development of a developing fetus.


A ½ cup serving of dates provides 20% of the daily recommendation for potassium.  Potassium helps in preventing the occurrence of muscle cramps. Cramps are fairly common during pregnancy.   In addition, it also plays a role in maintaining the function of metabolism, and the nervous system. It also helps keep a balance in electrolytes in the body.

Other Vitamins and Minerals

Dates also contain some of the B complex vitamins such as folate (4% DV), niacin (8% DV), and pantothenic acid (8% DV). The B complex vitamins support and increase metabolism rate, help maintain healthy skin, hair and muscle tone. They also enhance the immune and nervous system and they help promote growth of red blood cells. Dates contain manganese 15%, zinc 3% and magnesium 14% as well, which contribute to overall healthy fetal development.


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