Is It Safe to Eat a Pizza During Pregnancy?

Pizza During Pregnancy

Pizzas are the hot favorite among Americans, but should you avoid eating a

pizza during pregnancy

or not? The answer for this question is both Yes’s and No’s. While some pizzas are safe and can be eaten, others are not. To find out which ones to eat and which ones to avoid, you must read below.

Pizza during Pregnancy – Safe or Not?

Most pizzas are safe and can be taken anytime. This is because they contain ingredients such as mozzarella cheese that is safe.

There are some pizzas though, that must be seriously avoided. They contain soft mould-ripened cheese like Camembert and Brie, and blue-vein cheese like Danish Blue and Stilton. These cheeses if found in pizzas must be avoided because they contain high levels of listeria bacteria than other cheeses.

In case, you still have the urge to eat a pizza during child-bearing period, then you can choose to eat the ones that that were thoroughly cooked at high temperatures. This will kill all the bacteria in them.

The other ingredients commonly found in pizzas and must be avoided are cured meats such as salami and Parma Ham. If these meats are not cured properly then it may be possible to get affected by listeriosis or toxoplasmosis. These illnesses do not affect commonly but if they do, they can be dangerous for your child.

In case you still crave for such pizzas, then again you can get the ones that are cooked thoroughly at a high temperature as this will kill the bacteria and parasites that cause these illnesses.

Most pizzas contain pepperoni that is not safe at this time. It has several negative effects that are dangerous both for you and your baby. Pepperoni or other salted, cured meats contain nitrite and nitrate preservatives. These salts react with compounds known as secondary animes present in the meat and produce compounds called nitrosamines. These nitrosamines cause cancer. Regular consumption of nitrites and nitrates increase the risk of cancer. They can even cross the placenta. This can increase the unborn’ss risk of brain tumors.

Heartburn, slow down of digestive tract function and loosening of the sphincter (separation between the stomach and the esophagus) are also common among women who eat pizzas.

Last but not the least, pepperoni found in pizzas is technically a meat but is a type of fat. It is mainly composed of saturated fat that is heart-unhealthy.


For your and the child’ss safety, it is advisable that you completely avoid eating a

pizza during pregnancy

because you can eat pizzas the rest of your life but your child may not be healthy again.

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