Is a Banana Milkshake Fattening?


Many people debate a lot whether a banana milkshake is unhealthy or good for health. This is because there is a belief that if these two foods are eaten together then they make you gain weight. There are many things that you must know before concluding this. To make this drink, you need this fruit and a glass of skimmed milk. Let’s show you whether these 2 foods contribute to weight gain or not by analyzing the situation.

How a Banana Milkshake is Non-Fattening?

  • The fruit has less fat content. As the milk is low fat, it is non-fattening too. In fact, according to a recent study, dairy foods reduce the fat storage of belly.
  • Both these foods also have a low-medium Glycemic Index. As such it can be concluded that the carbohydrate content is not responsible for making you fat.
  • In fact, these foods are healthy as they have enough fiber, proteins, vitamins, calcium and minerals. These nutrients do not contribute to your body fat.
  • Now about the calories. 1 banana provides 100 calories while 1 glass of skimmed milk provides about 60 to 80 calories. When both of these are combined to form a drink they would provide about 160 to 180 calories totally. This total amount of calories is less than that of a bag of chips which provides about 600 calories.

How a Banana Milkshake is Fattening?

  • The main ingredients that make it unhealthy are the additives like ice cream, sugar, sweet syrup and the extra flavoring. All these ingredients are rich in calories, and thus, make the concoction unhealthy.
  • The other reason for associating this drink with being fattening is that, fat people consume calories more than what they burn. This is why they become fat. Now, if they drink such a concoction, then, though it is un-fattening in general for average people, this tends to become fattening for people who are overweight because these people will gain more calories and will burn less, and a concoction like this adds up to their calories.

The Verdict

The banana milkshake is a healthy drink if taken in the right way by the right people.

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