What Foods are to be Eaten as per a Blood Type Diet Chart?

Blood Type Diet Chart

Following a

blood type diet chart

is a good idea when you wish to plan your diet according to your blood type. This way you can maintain a healthy life because it helps the body to function more effectively. Below is a diet plan as per your blood type.

Blood Type Diet Chart for Each Blood Group

Foods for Blood Group O

    • People having blood type O can easily digest animal proteins. As such, the foods under this group include seafood, meat and poultry. Oils of flax seed and olive are also suitable for this type. Green tea is a good drink for those with blood group O.
    • Foods that can be avoided by people of this group includes dairy products, grains as well as vegetables such as cabbages and cauliflower.
    • In short, for blood group O dieters, foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates must be planned. Therefore, they must consume more of meaty foods and less of vegetables and grains.

Foods for Blood Group A

    • Diets of people with blood type A are mostly herbivorous. That means, they must mostly consume vegetables and grains. Coffee is most suitable drink for blood type A dieters.
    • Under foods, that are to be avoided, meats and dairy products top the list. As a replacement, they can consume seeds, nuts, legumes and soy based products.
    • In short, for blood group A dieters, strict vegetarian diet consisting of complex carbohydrates is recommended.

Foods for Blood Group B

    • Those with blood type B can consume dairy products and a limited amount of meat products. Grains, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables are also suitable.
    • It is best to avoid foods such as chicken, corn, wheat and lentils.
    • In short, blood type B diet is neutral and balanced with limited amounts of vegetables, meat and dairy.

Foods for Blood Group AB

  • Foods for blood type AB are a combination of foods under blood type A and blood type B. The main foods under this category include vegetables. Other foods that can be taken include sea foods and dairy products.
  • There are no such foods that are to be specially avoided.
  • In short, blood type AB diets are the most balanced diets among all four diets, as it consists of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.


The above

blood type diet chart

is a way to eat healthy foods according to ones blood type. But apart from following a diet plan, one must also devote time in rigorous exercises, especially aerobics and cardiovascular exercises.

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