Best Diet for Piles

Individuals suffering with piles will have chronic constipation as it is the basic cause of this disease. The treatment of constipation is the only effective of getting rid out of this trouble. Thus, patient must follow the best

diet for piles

as the entire digestive tract should be given a proper and complete rest at least for the first few days and the intestines should also be cleansed thoroughly. For this purpose, patients suffering with piles must opt for a fruit diet for a week. Later, they may start including natural foods in their diet aiming at a secured soft stools.

Best diet for piles

  • All-fruit diet:

    For the first few day at least for a week go on for all-fruit diet. Include variety of fruits in your diet for a through cleansing of your intestines by providing a complete rest to the digestive tract.

  • Natural foods diet:

    After the all-fruit diet include a natural food diet to avoid stress on the digestive tract and for a smooth start.

    • Change your regular food habits:

      Include lots of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. The diet for piles patient must contain a high fiber content.

    • Light breakfast:

      Intake a light breakfast including fruit juice, some fruits and multi grain bread. Be sure to include salads such as carrots, radish, etc in your diet as they must an integral part of the food you intake.

    • Fruit juices and water:

      They are very essential for individuals who lack fiber. Drink plenty of fruit juices, water and butter milk during the daytime. Drinking juice of radish is very beneficial for treating the condition. Or drink warm milk at bedtime and make it a habit. Yogurt must be taken in large quantities as it contains helpful bacteria which destroy the harmful bacteria in the body.

    • Skip red meat and eat light food:

      Patients suffering with piles must avoid consuming red meat and other junk foods, spicy and oily foods.

The above article discusses about the best

diet for piles

patient. Thus, follow a healthy diet for the speed recovery and for a better treatment. Take guidance from your doctor and intake only recommended foods in your diet.

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  1. i m 23 yrs old and suffering from bleeding piles, so what will be best diet 4 me and can i cure from that permanently.?