Health Benefits of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is also known as musk melon or water. This is an excellent nutrient-packed fruit but it has very low amounts of calories. Thus, there are many

health benefits of cantaloupe

due to its nutrition content. This wonder fruit contains a high concentration and excellent levels of vitamin A in beta-carotene form, vitamin C, folic acid (folate), potassium, dietary fiber and is nutrient rich. It also has a very high level of B vitamin complex – thiamine (B1 vitamin), niacin (B3 vitamin), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6). The cantaloupe full health benefits of have not been fully understood, but they are often taken for granted.

Cantaloupe – Health Benefits

The nutrition content of cantaloupe makes it as an excellent fruit and offers various healthy benefits. The

health benefits of cantaloupe

are mentioned below in this article.

  1. Anti-coagulant:

    Cantaloupe contains a unique compound which helps of reduce the blood viscosity. Hence, prevents the abnormal clot formation of the blood in the cardiovascular system.

  2. Arteriosclerosis:

    Cantaloupe also retards the developing of arteries hardening and thus prevents arteriosclerosis.

  3. Cancer prevention:

    Cantaloupe contains high amount of good anti-oxidant which protects from cell damage due to free radicals. Regular intake of cantaloupe juice or any anti-oxidant rich juice help to keep the cancer at bay, particularly against melanoma and intestinal cancer.

  4. Cataracts:

    One of the

    health benefit of cantaloupe

    . Cantaloupe contains beta-carotene which converts into vitamin A in the body and helps to reduce the risk of cataract and also to improve the vision.

  5. Cholesterol:

    As cantaloupe is rich in anti-oxidants and as juices high in antioxidants has also been proven to fight against the oxidative stress which is the main culprit for oxidizing the LDL’s inside the blood.

  6. Immune system:

    Cantaloupe also stimulates the WBC’s (white blood cells) that helps to fight against infection and naturally builds a strong and good immune system due to strong vitamin C content.

  7. High blood pressure:

    Cantaloupe also brings down high B.P. Especially in those individuals with salt-sensitive hypertension. This is because it contains potassium which helps in excreting sodium from the body.

  8. Insomnia:

    Cantaloupe fruit is a great help for insomniacs. This fruits contains a special compound which relieves the nerves and also calm anxieties.

  9. Menstruation problems:

    This is another great

    health benefit of cantaloupe

    . Women who drink this wonderful juice of cantaloupe around the menstruation time help them with reduce clot and heavy flow.

  10. Muscle Cramps:

    Muscle cramps occur due to a deficiency in mineral potassium and it can have a greater susceptible to injuries. Thus, drinking juice helps to prevent this condition.

  11. Pregnancy:

    Cantaloupe contains high amount of folic acid (folate) which helps to prevent neural tube defects in the infants.

  12. Stress:

    Drinking cantaloupe juice when on a stress helps to prevent stress. This excellent fruit contains good amount of potassium which help to normalize and re-balance the heartbeat. It also sends oxygen to brain and thus regulates the water balance in the body.

  13. Water retention:

    One among the

    health benefit of Cantaloupe

    juice helps the body to excrete excess sodium and thus reducing the water retention. This fruit especially helps in pregnant women.

  14. Quit smoking:

    The water melon juice contains natural minerals and nutrients that provide a synergistic combination which helps the body to recover from the withdrawal of nicotine for those who are trying to quit or reducing smoking. Smokers are also depleted of A vitamin due to smoking and this can be replace with beta-carotene from the juice of watermelon.

The above listed ones are the

health benefits of cantaloupe

. Cantaloupe are the seasonal fruits and thus, they must be included whenever available. This fruit also helps to prevent heart disease and cancer due to anti-oxidant rich.

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