Ulcer Diet Food List


Ulcers are very painful and the condition can deteriorate with the intake of certain foods. Fortunately, there are some other foods which can also make the condition even more tolerable. Thus, one must examine the ulcer diet food list which is discussed below in this article.

Food List for Ulcer Diet

There are certain food types and groups which will calm the acid production and therefore allow the ulcer to begin healing. The ulcer diet food list include the following.

  • Fruits: Include a variety of fresh fruits in your daily, except the citrus family. Serve your daily supplements with fresh fruits such as bananas, apples, etc.
  • Vegetables: Include a variety of fresh, raw or cooked vegetables in your diet regularly in large quantities. Boiled or mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, fresh salads, carrots and corn. These provide good amounts of fiber and vitamins without stimulating the acid reflux which triggers ulcer pains.
  • Pasta and Breads: Breads and pasta made from whole-wheat grains and breads are very good for health as they contain high fiber content. They are neutral in acidity and doesn’t cause any affect on the ulcer. They are always safe to eat until you intake the size of the closed fist.
  • Animal Foods: Leaner cuts of animal foods such as meat are good for digestion due to its low fat content. The stomach requires less acid production for the breakdown of leaner meats as they contain low-fat. Include chicken is also acceptable, but organ meats of livers and giblets must be avoided. Brisket, lean ground beef and butcher cuts are all the satisfactory choices in a diet for ulcers. Seafood or fish is also acceptable, but only the way of preparation of the dish is a concerned for a comfort digestion levels. Natural spices and marinades are easier on the digestive system, than the deep fried foods.


The above articles discusses about the ulcer diet food list. Thus, it is better to include healthy and those foods which doesn’t cause irritation or upset your stomach.

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