10 Types of Pica Disorder

An eating disorder which is characterized by consuming non-edible substances is known as Pica Disorder. A person with this condition craves for non-nutritive substances like soil, chalk piece, clay, mucus, paper, soap etc. It is seen in almost all the age groups. It is very common among pregnant women, young kids and children with developmental disabilities. These people also have a craving for raw rice, salt, starch, flour, ice cubes etc. The disorder can be of various types, 10 have been mentioned in this article.

10 Types of Pica Disorder

Amylophagia: A compulsive consumption of purified starch in excessive amounts is known as Amylophagia. It is mostly seen among pregnant women.

Coprophagy: An eating disorder characterized by eating feces is called coprophagy. It is seen among animals and is uncommon in human beings.

Geophagy: It is an abnormal craving for soil-like or earthy substances clay, chalk, soil etc. It is common among children and pregnant women.

Hyalophagia: Pica disorder in which the person eats glass objects is called hyalophagia. This is usually used as a performance technique by performers.

Mucophagia: A disorder of feeding on the mucus of the invertebrates and fishes is called mucophagia.

Pagophagia: A form of pica in which the person consumes excessive amounts of ice cubes or iced drinks is known as pagophagia. This condition is associated with the iron deficiency.

Self-cannibalism: It is the self-eating practice. Self-cannibaliam is also called autocannibalism or autosarcophagy.

Trichophagia: This condition is characterized by eating hair, mostly one’s own. The long hair is first chewed without pulling them from the scalp and them swallowed. Sometimes the patient might also eat other people’s hair.

Urophagia: The practice of consuming urine is called urophagia. The reason for this might be health concerns as urine is regarded, by some, earthy and with healing properties.

Xylophagia: This kind of Pica disorders involves the consumption of wood. People usually eat things made of wood like pencil, paper, wood bark etc. This is seen mostly among children.

The treatments for the eating disorders depends upon various factors. After a thorough examination the doctor recommends suitable treatment for Pica disorder.

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