Top 9 Foods to Increase Testosterone

The main male sex hormone which is responsible for the development of the male reproductive organs is the testosterone. Low levels of this hormone is linked to low libido. The main reason for the decrease in the level of testosterone is poor lifestyle and faulty diet. It has been proved that certain

Foods Increase Testosterone

production. Including them in the diet can greatly increase your libido and enhance your sex life. Most of the these foods contain Vitamin B and zinc which are required for the production of this hormone.

Top 9 Foods that Increase Testosterone


Raw Oysters:

They contain lots of zinc which can raise the levels of testosterone. It also assists in the sperm production and increasing the libido.


Brown rice:

It is also said to be a rich source of zinc which helps in the testosterone production. Just cook some brown rice and have a wild night.


Almonds and nuts:


foods increase testosterone

as they contain essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are required for the production of male sex hormone.



Asparagus is loaded with Vitamin E which can stimulate the production of testosterone.
It can greatly improve your sex life.



This amazing fruit contains Vitamin B and potassium. Both these nutrients play an important role in increasing the hormone level.



They are a rich source of folic acid and Vitamin B6. Along with these nutrients, avocado also has potassium. All of these help in testosterone production.



Cheese contain zinc. As mentioned earlier, zinc is very essential for the proper production of the male sex hormone.



Like cheese, turkey is also an excellent source of zinc. Having turkey can certainly benefit the male sexual health.



Salmons are said to be good for the male reproductive health. They are loaded with B Vitamins which help in testosterone production.

Besides the above-mentioned foods also include proteins and vegetables in your diet to improve your sexual health. And yes, it is true that foods increase testosterone.

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