11 Important Iron Benefits For The Body

The role of iron in our body cannot be ignored. Its main function is to carry oxygen to the cells of the body. Besides this, there are other

Iron Benefits For The Body

which makes it the second most essential mineral after calcium. Deficiency of iron leads to anemia and if the condition is left untreated it might lead to further complications.

Iron Benefits For The Body

Formation of hemoglobin:

This is the chief function of iron. It also helps in the carrying the oxygen to the cells of the body. This is one of the major iron benefits for the body.

Proper functioning of the brain:

The oxygen supply to the brain is carried out by iron. The brain also uses around 20% of the oxygen present in the blood. Thus, iron aids in the proper development and functioning of the brain.

Functioning of the muscles:

Iron is an important mineral for the proper health of the muscles. It aids in the oxygen supply to the muscles which is necessary for the contraction of the muscles.

Regulating body temperature:

Iron facilitates the regulation of the body temperature.

Synthesis of the neurotransmitters:

The mineral participates in the synthesis of many neurotransmitters. These chemicals play important role in the different functions of the body.

Strengthening the immune system:

Iron aids in improving the immunity of the body. This helps the body to efficiently fight against many diseases.

Prevent Restless leg syndrome:

One of the causes of restless leg syndrome is the deficiency of iron. Proper iron intake can prevent the condition.

Energy metabolism:

Iron helps in extracting energy from the consumed food and distribute it to the different parts of the body.

Induces sleep:

It is useful in curing insomnia by inducing sleep.

Improves concentration:

When taken in required amount, iron is said to improve the concentration in individuals. This greatly helps students and professionals.

Energizing us:

One of the symptoms of iron deficiency if fatigue. Since iron is the main component of hemoglobin and carries oxygen, it is required to remove fatigue.

Iron-rich foods

Some of the foods which are rich in iron are:

Grains and cereals:

Rice flakes, barley


Mint, beetroot, turnip, parsley, broccoli




Red meat and fish


Watermelon, dried dates, raisins

Include the above mentioned iron rich foods in your diet to get the maximum iron benefits for the body.

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