All About the Jaundice Diet!


Following a good jaundice diet is imperative in the jaundice treatment. The patient should take complete rest till the symptoms subside. A light, fruit diet is recommended for jaundice. This article gives you some dietary restrictions to be followed in jaundice.

Things to Keep in Mind about Jaundice Diet

  • Avoid digestive disturbances as the system is weak.
  • Do not consume any food which has the tendency to putrefy or ferment like legumes and pulses.
  • Drink lots of lemon water to protect the damaged liver.
  • Liver can regenerate if necessary nutrients are provided to the body.
  • Diets high in Vitamin C, B , E and complete proteins is recommended.
  • The diet should be maintained even after the symptoms have subsided to avoid recurrence.
  • Vegetable broth is an excellent option for jaundice as it has minerals and is easy to digest.
  • Fresh fruit juices are also good dietary supplements. Orange, pear, grape, carrots etc., can be consumed.
  • Avoid processed foods which contain artificial flavor, colors and preservatives.
  • Do not consume saturated animal fats and oily foods to avoid putting pressure on liver.
  • Alcohol should be avoided strictly.
  • Eliminate caffeine and refined sugars from the diet.
  • Take lots of rest and sunshine.
  • Hot water enema should be administered daily to encourage regular bowel movement.

Jaundice Diet Chart

Upon rising
A glass of warm water and lemon juice.


  • A fruit (pear, apple, grapes, papaya etc)
  • A slice of whole wheat bread and little butter
  • A cup of broken wheat

Mid morning snack
Pear or orange juice


  • Vegetable salad (raw)
  • Whole wheat tortilla – 2
  • Leafy vegetable (steamed)
  • Glass of buttermilk

Mid afternoon snack
Apple juice or coconut water


  • Vegetable soup- 1 cup
  • Whole wheat tortilla – 2
  • Leafy vegetable (steamed)
  • Baked potato

At bedtime
Hot skimmed milk mixed with honey- 1 glass

Wrap Up

With a proper jaundice diet the condition can be controlled and one can prevent its recurrence. This way one can strengthen the weak liver till it starts functioning properly. However, consult your physician before starting the diet.

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  1. hi guys receantly i came to know i have jundice due to tiny stone obstrocked inside the common bile duct which was gone through gallblader.i was hospitalised around a week .now i am better then before but still yellow colour appering in my eyes white part. so i am kindly you guys for advise me that what is the best food for this condition .
    your Suggestion will be highly appriciated.