What is Epstein Barr Virus Diet?

Epstein Barr Virus is a cancer-causing virus which belongs to the herpes family. There is no known cure for the infection but following a healthy Epstein Barr Virus Diet will surely strengthen the immune system. It will also assist the medication and the healing process. Thus, a carefully planned Epstein Barr Virus Diet can help cope with the infection in a better way.

How a good diet helps cope with Epstein Barr Virus?

  • Eating light will give rest to the gastrointestinal tract and the energy can be used to heal the body.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable diet will keep the body clean and the immune system healthy.
  • Carbohydrates lead to the fluctuation in the blood sugar, making one feel tired and grumpy.
  • Sugar suppresses the activity of white blood cells which helps in getting rid of the Epstein Barr virus from the body.

Foods to include in Epstein Barr Virus Diet


  • It is advisable to eat light when one is suffering from Epstein Barr Virus infection.
  • Water- fasting, under medical supervision, is also recommended.
  • Besides water-fasting, liquid-only diet is also good. Vegetable juice, soups, broth, herbal tea and lemon drink can be taken in Epstein Barr Virus Diet.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet as they are alkaline and will keep the body clean.
  • Vitamin E and garlic will enhance the immune system.
  • Fresh vegetable juices of cucumber, spinach and celery help in cleansing the system.
  • Protein-rich food like fish, chicken, cheese, whey powder, lean red meat and eggs will repair the immune system.
  • Healthy fats found in nuts, avocados, seeds, natural oils will boost the immune system and help in the proper functioning of the cell membrane.
  • Wheat-grass juice is considered to be ideal in an Epstein Barr Virus Diet.

Foods to avoid in Epstein Barr Virus Diet


  • One needs to reduce the intake of high carbohydrate foods like bread, cereals, pasta, biscuits, rice and sugar. They can cause inflammation in the body.
  • One should avoid tea, coffee, processed foods and alcohol as they hinder the healing process.

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