Colon Surgery: Diet After Colon Surgery

After colon surgery, maintaining colon friendly diet and healthy diet is very important. After surgery your body needs more proteins and calories to heal faster. But that doesn’t mean that you can consume what ever foods you are getting. You need to choose your foods properly. Your diet after surgery not need to be very restrictive again, unless noted by your doctor.

Diet Plan After Colon Surgery

  • Just as you use only liquid diet before your surgery, you will continue with the only-liquid diet or something light to consume for couple of days.
  • Then slowly start consuming little more thickness foods. Puddings, milkshakes, cottage cheese, rice, pastas, yogurt and ice-creams are some good choices.
  • If you can easily digest these foods, then you can start taking your regular diet or solid foods

Foods to Avoid

  • For a few days after surgery, avoid foods like beans, broccoli and melons because they can cause your stomach unnecessary bloating and cramping
  • Avoid high fat foods, green leafy vegetables, they will simply bring discomfort in your stomach

If your body can’t tolerate your meals, it’s better to switch back to only-liquid diet with some soft foods for 1 or 2 days. If not, instead of having regular three meals you can divide it and have smaller meals more oftenly.

For Long Term Colon Care

  • Eat balanced healthy diet. Eat high fiber foods and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins from your body
  • Make sure that, you get enough sleep every night
  • Exercise is another large factor for healthy colon, atleast take 10 minutes walk per in a day

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